MARKET SNAPSHOT 2015: Gen Y + Millennial Artists on the Rise
Josh Smith MOMA 
Courtesy MoMA The Forever Now
Joe Bradley.Man Made Dirigible.2008
JOE BRADLEY. Man Made Dirigible. 2008
Like Josh Smith, Joe Bradley makes paintings in many different stylistic modes. His Man Made Dirigible, one of a group of paintings of radically simplified forms, can be seen as an ancient pictograph or a contemporary emoticon; the very first image and the most recent one at the same time.
Grease pencil on canvas, 60" × 8' (152.4 × 243.8 cm). Private collection. Courtesy CANADA
Oscar Murillo MOMA
Probably not coincidentally, the craze for zombies and vampires is congruent with the phenomenon of the retrieval and revival of past styles. Abstraction is a language primed for becoming a representation of itself, because as much as it resists attributions of narrative, it cannot help but carry with it the entire utopian history of modern painting. Colombian-born, London-based Oscar Murillo often treats his expressionist marks as bits of iconography. His gestures function in a similar way to the words that he also often incorporates into his compositions; they can be "read" as signs, in the literal sense of the kind of unmediated personal expression exemplified by postwar modernist painters. [Excerpt and image courtesy of MoMA The Forever Now]
Matt Connors MOMA Variable Foot.2014
Variable Foot, 2014Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, three parts, each 18' x 44"; overall: 216 x 132" (548.6 x 335.3 cm). Courtesy Herald St, London, Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, and CANADA [Courtesy of MoMA The Forever Now]
Hard-edge color resonates with the specters of Abstract Expressionism and Clement Greenberg.
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Photo Dec 03 12 01 19 PM
Keltie Ferris, Signals, 2014. Oil and acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of Mitchell-Innes & Nash. Art Basel Miami 2014
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December 4, 2014 
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Thursday December 4, 2014 PULSE known as the premiere showcase for Art + Tech Trends, this is a must-see for collectors seeking new discovery and cutting-edge Contemporary.
Kadar Brock at Untitled Art Basel Miami 2014
KadarBrock-Art Basel Miami2
KadarBrock-Art Basel Miami3
Focused on Emerging and Mid-career Contemporary artists, exhibitors at Untitled Art Fair at Miami Beach carefully curate works to create a viewing experience. Key to the premise of the show. the selection of international galleries and not-for-profit spaces are positioned side by side to create a less segregated fair installation.
Art Basel Miami-Untitled-Art Fair Miami Beach 2014
Design Miami Kicked Off December 2, 2014 - check out Highlights at the Collector's Preview from Our Experts

photo 2Courtesy Design Miami

Spilling/pouring - a pairing that best describes the beat of pieces on view at Design Miami. Modern and Contemporary Art Expert, Elizabeth von Habsburg calls out two works that represent the style across works shown at the Collector's Preview. 

photo 1Courtesy Design Miami

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